Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum!

Yo Ho Ho & a bottle of rum! Ahoy me hearties! 'Tis I, Barnacle the Admiral Fell Inn Bulldog. Alas, my voyages have taken me near and far across the seven seas. I have come home to send you this parchment to share my adventures with my dear friend Henry, the Inn at Henderson's Wharf butler.

I love October because the color changes (supposedly) for I am a dog, and I am colorblind. But the cooler weather does soothes my paws. There's also the Das Best Oktoberfest down here in Baltimore! I've traveled to Germany before..'tis a marvelous spectacle to behold when it comes to Oktoberfest! People are dancing and singing while drinking various beverages and eating delicious food. Every year I go, and I always eat the pretzel and the Weißwurst 'tis like a sauage of sorts in the states. Henry unfortunately doesn't leave the Inn, so we usually go to festivals down in Baltimore!

This week we have been attending the Baltimore Beer Week! #BaltBeerWeek takes place between Oct 9th to Oct 18th. Being their 7th annual event, there are tons to do. Every year Henry and I would meet by the Baltimore Water Taxi and walk to all the events because 'tis all over Fell's Point! And everything is in walking distance. You don't have to sail anywhere.

On the first day, my favorite event is Flying Dog Pints and Pancakes. Not only because of the name, but because who does not like beer and pancakes? 'Tis breakfast of the champions and pirates of the sea! However, if you are like Henry, he likes to partake in the Beers Through the Years. 'Tis a historical lookback of all the beverages throughout Baltimore's history. 

Together we did the Charm City Chug run. Henry was a little out of shape, but we managed to cross the finish line! In the beer mile you will run a mile and drink a delicious Heavy Seas beer at the beginning of each lap. In the 5k, you will receive three 16oz beer vouchers which are redeemable before or after your run. 

There are tons of events for which you can partake in from now until October 18th. A very festive Oktoberfest to bring in the community. 

YO HO HO & a bottle of rum!

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