During this year’s Meyer Jabara Hotels' Journey LOP Annual Meeting, the team was challenged with a way to give back. Across each hotel across Meyer Jabara, our employees are passionate so much, and certainly giving back is one of them. Harbor Magic Hotels decided to team up with Baltimore Child Abuse Center a couple years back and have done whatever they can do to help make a difference. The LOP came together and provided a plethora of Board Games to donate to the BCAC. This amazing organization provides victims of child sexual abuse, trauma, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences in Baltimore and their non-offending caretakers with comprehensive forensic interviews, medical treatment, and mental health treatment with a goal of preventing future trauma. Year after year, BCAC helps approximately 1,000 children and their families by providing free services to ensure a healthy recovery. BCAC not only provides services for victims of child abuse, but has expanded to help children who have been sexually assaulted, victims of human trafficking, victims of internet exploitation, medical exams for children entering foster care, and witnesses to homicide. These board games will be given out to families in need, and in return they games can provide a sense of belonging, family bonding, and overall need for a child’s wellbeing.

The director, Adam Rosenberg is a dear friend of Ted Jabara and Mario Corrado. They have visited his site and Adam has referred business to Harbor Magic over the years. This group is a large advocate of law in Maryland and has a large following. If you would like to learn more about them please visit http://www.bcaci.org/